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Wednesday, August 01, 2001

An open letter to Stacey...

Dear Stacey 

You have overstepped the mark, missy!

Speaking as one of the original cast members of the Fox Kids' show FAO Girls I demand either additional payments to cover usage of my image appearing on the internet or for those images to be removed with immediate effect.

Our original contract with Fox was for the show FAO Girls as well you know. Except for a few publicity shots, any other pictures and likenesses of me as result from that show were specifically NOT included in the contract.

Ok, so we got drunk a few times and took a few lesbo shots for the show's producers - but I didn't think they'd be haul-assed round town to all the magazines and weirdo internet sites either.

Next you'll be telling me there is a porn web site detailed lurid acts performed by the FOA Girls in some sordid hell hole when we were New York on there last 'The FAO Girls take Manhattan!' promotional tour. Jeesus, those Motorola guys knew how to party.

So, missy it's either cough up or take 'em down (as my manager always says).

You shall be hearing from my lawyers in due course.

Tammy (your ex-friend and co-star)

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