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Saturday, August 04, 2001

The plumber and his mate...
OK Fredo, Bill, Ron and Bryan. You asked for it...
Our bathroom shower was leaking down to the kitchen below so I had to call out a plumber to take a look. He came. But he couldn't figure out where the leak was coming from exactly. After some thought he asked me to get in the shower so he could watch to see whether it was the way I was showering that was causing the leak. No, this is not the plot to some porn film. This actually happened. This afternoon. Marky was highly amused and took some snaps (curse that new digital camera!). Below is one pic he took. If you look carefully you can see the plumber on the far left. There are more but I've 'stainglassed' a couple where the trunks come off. You can find them here.
quick - call a plumber!

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