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Wednesday, August 08, 2001

The nicest things happen when you least expect them...
We went to the first Pop Quiz at the Retro Bar in ages last night. We didn't win - a lousy 16.5 / 20. David will no doubt have full details. The fun really started afterwards though.

This week is the Gay World Cup. Twenty-three teams from all over the world have descended upon London (or Chiswick to more precise) to play football. All week there are football matches by day and social events by night. It just so happens we got wind (thanks, Shaun!) of one such social event going on at Central Station last night. Ian, Darren, Darren's friend Tony and I decided that this was something not to be missed. And we were right! What harm could a night cap do? What harm indeed. The place was packed. We had trouble even getting in but Tony has the silver tongue of the Irish and blagged us all in. We went upstairs first to get to the coat check, get our bearings and get a pint. No sooner had we mounted the stair then we knew that we wouldn't be staying for just one pint. There were cute boys everywhere. Not only that but they were all fit and toned, from outta town looking for a place to stay and horny as hell because their boyfriends were all back home. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Cute, sexy, fit fish at that. To ease the introductions downstairs there were various drag acts, strippers and a 'cutest footballer' competition. These were barely needed as soon everyone was down in the basement bopping on the dance floor or bobbing in the dark room.

There are more events planned this week but Saturday is the big one. The Cup Final during the day followed by a big party in the evening. I need hardly state that I shall be going to both.

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