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Sunday, August 19, 2001

Saturday night, Sunday morning...
Party #1 was down in Brockwell park yesterday afternoon. Matthew and Richard were entertaining to welcome Richard back from Spain. Matthew put on a lovely spread and all the usual suspect were there. I didn't realise that Karl owned the house. Or that Craig and Peter lived there too. In other news: two and two made four.

Party #2 was to celebrate Darren's 36th at the Retro Bar. David, Ian and I legged it down there a little late but were soon joined by David's squeeze, the nubile Marcus. Among others, the lovely Danny and the gorgeous Joe were also there.

Just after 11pm we set off to Hope down in Brixton Hill. Hope is a fun venue - very similar to the RVT. Everyone was up for it and before long the entire attendees of Party #1 turned up too which was nice.

Darren and I cabbed it home by 4am. Fun night.

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