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Friday, August 03, 2001

Mrs Bridges at Code Amber...
The Red Cross have code names for various possible national emergencies. During such emergencies there would be a need for first aid at any public gatherings, mournings or marches. They use these code names when referring to emergencies rather than actually saying "what we are going to do if there is " or "what we are going to do if the Prime Minister is killed". Each code has three levels.
- Code Green means that the situation has been planned for.
- Code Amber means that the emergency is expected soon.
- Code Red means the emergency has actually happened.
The code name for the Queen Mother dying happens to be called 'Mrs Bridges'. I don't know why. It just is. Yesterday 'Bridges' was at Code Amber. And she seems to be on the road to recovery too, poor cow.

News just in (from my friend who works at the Red Cross): "I have just had a call asking me to go to Mrs Bridges' office on Tuesday morning to discuss finishing touches. Maybe someone knows something that the rest of us don't?"

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