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Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Human League...
I bought the new Human League CD 'Secrets' last week and have been listening to it ever since. All the classic feel is there which was, for me, a bit of a relief. Thanks to (new band member?) Neil Sutton it's a fabulous retro-styling of the Human League sound. Phil Oakey's voice has lost none of the deep and booming sexy treacle-like richness that we know and love. Susan Sulley and Joanne Catherall’s sweet harmonies complete the sound that is for many people the epitome of early Eighties synthesiser pop. There are sixteen tracks of which seven are instrumentals. This is a trademark of early Human League and a tradition that works beautifully. The single “All I Ever Wanted” has had scant radio play so will perhaps not chart - which is a shame. It is fabulously perfect pop single. Other highlights from the CD are ‘Shameless’, ‘Love Me Madly?’ and ‘122.3 BPM’. If you ever liked the Human League you’ll love this.

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