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Friday, July 13, 2001

Single, Madonna fan seeks similar...
Do you live in or near New York? Do you want to go see Madonna on 26th July? My friend Adam has a spare ticket and is running a competition for a date with him and to go and see the Material Girl. Send him an e-mail (50 words of less) and maybe a picture by next Friday 20th. He'll decide by Sunday 22nd.

Here's his press release.

I have two (expensive) floor seats for Madonna's upcoming concert at Madison Square Garden (7/26) and I have decided to put myself out there and have a contest to find my date for the concert. Will I get a date? I hope so. But, most of all I hope to have some fun and maybe meet some interesting people.
All the info can be found here:
http://madonnaconcert.tripod.com/ - this site SHOULD hopefully be live by Friday, July 13th around noon. Or, I can be e-mailed directly at: NYCDATE4Madonna@aol.com with 50 words or fewer as to why someone should be my date (pictures, references will help their entry).

If you need any info on Adam himself ask me. Tell him if you're friend of mine and it may hold some sway :-)

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