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Wednesday, July 04, 2001

Shaven and Shaun…
- We won last night’s Pop Quiz at the Retro Bar. Hurrah!
- We won the prize money. Hurrah!
- We have a new team member. Hurrah!
With the recent departure of Dave to Oz our team has been short of one member. Darren’s ex-flat mate, Shaun came along for a tryout and everything seemed to work out just fine. He knows his stuff, he works in the HMV and he’s cute. Hard to say no really. So the team consisted of David, Darren, Shaun and myself. Shaun's hunky friend Robbie came along to watch.

The quiz itself was the usual fare of current chart hits, new releases and covers. The first round presented no problems with Hear’say’s ‘Show Me The Way To Your Love’, Janet Jackson’s ‘All For You’ and Steps’ ‘Here And Now’. Personally I preferred my initial spelling of Ms Jackson’s name as Jacket Jackson though. Has a nice ring to it. The second round was cover versions. Prince covering Sheryl Crowe’s ‘Every Day Is A Winding Road’ and David Gray covering Soft Cell’s ‘Say Hello, Wave Goodbye’ were easy to get. Tori Amos was covering something that eluded us though. We plumped for REM but it was (amazingly) The Cure’s ‘Love Song’. We rather stumbled on the TV themes round too. Only getting ‘Call My Bluff’ and missing out on ‘Maigret’ and ‘Come Dancing’. There then came a very odd song about rabbits that we just guessed at. Correctly as it turned out: Thumper, Bugs Bunny and Peter Rabbit. The new releases should have been easy. Strokes and Wheatus were quickly identified. Dane Bowers however sounded to us more like Wycleff Jean and Brian Harvey! It was late OK?! We’d been drinking! The next round was the eighties. We strolled it with Black’s ‘Sweetest Smile’, The Communards’ ‘You Are My World’ and The Blow Monkey’s ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way’. We got the year right too! 1987. The next question was to simply identify that U2’s Elevation was from the film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. We got a bonus point for artist and title. Dolly Parton made a rare appearance in the penultimate round where we had to guess the eleven words after the opening lines of ‘Here You Come Again’. We failed. Big time. The last question was easy though. Spot the connection between an Air track, The Prodigy’s Firestarter, Michael Jackson’s Earthsong and Hear’say’s Bridge Over Troubled Water. Answer: The Elements.

We got sixteen points out of twenty-one. Not bad. There was a tie-breaker though. Being Shaun’s first time (and the fact that we’re mean) we made him go up. Just to torture the boy even more the first tune was a dead heat so it had to be rerun. Shaun then came through and went on to pick the money from the five possible prizes.

Afterwards Darren, Shaun, Robbie and I went to Bar Code. It all went off. Details later.

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