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Wednesday, July 18, 2001

See your twisted genius on Channel 4...
This just arrived by e-mail. Not sure what to make of it.

Subject: See your twisted genius on Channel 4
From: Andrew Harrison
Hi Jonathan,
I came across your site a bit randomly via a google search for something else & wondered if you'd be interested in this....
(Also with mucho mention of cute boys on your site you should check out world of wonder's website for a sneaky peek at our 101 rent boys documentary).
Channel 4 is calling for creative geniuses, and wants to give them a chance to see their work broadcast on national TV.
Adam and Joe are presenting a new series to be broadcast later this year showing the best of ...
(big snip)
...Thanks for your time,
Andrew Harrison, Series Producer, Takeover TV.

Hmmm. Do I need more exposure? Does a donkey like carrots? News just in: shit found in woods. Police suspect bears.

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