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Monday, July 30, 2001

God's Day Of Rest (but not mine)...
Got up early after a good night's sleep. Thank God someone knew when to tell me to go home.

Met Michael for brunch at Vynl and then popped down to Pier 63 for a few beers with some of Michael's friends. Bid a fond farewell before high tailing it back to the hotel to meet David who had been busy with other pursuits (weak code, I know).

We both then piled down to the Fez club to meet up with Matthew and his boyfriend who had got us freebies to see Kiki and Herb. What a show! Will blog about them at length later. Surfice to say that any act that can weave in Kate Bush's 'This Woman's Work' will have my heart and mind forever.

Much to my pleasant surprise Dan turned up at the gig too. The three of us went out for a drink afterwards at Baraccuda. David slipping away early due to stalker-avoidance and tireness.

Later I got collared by some butch short-person and then next thing I know I was looking at a fabulous view of the Empire State Building somewhere on 19 Street. They work fast these New Yorkers.

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