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Sunday, July 15, 2001

Debauchery till the wee small hours...
We never made it to G-A-Y last night. We got way laid.

First we went to Chris's birthday party at the Eddie. His boyfriend Graham had hired the upstairs room and laid on a fantastic spread. The place was packed with his friends, family and people he used to work with. Chris was looking particularly hunky and gorgeous. Also I found out something about I didn't know. He used to be a lead singer in a heavy metal band called This Other Eden. They had three singles out. I don't think any charted. How he'd kept that quite I've no idea.

At midnight we moved on to our second party of the night. The sexy boys who live round the corner Tom, David and Matt where throwing a party to celebrate their new back garden being finished. And rather fabulous it is too. Again the place was packed (this time wall to wall with cute boys). The food was amazing, the alcohol copious and the Charlie was everywhere if you get my drift. In fact there seemed to be no shortage of C, D or K from all directions. Not that I partake in such things you understand (no really, I don't!) By 3am the party was in full swing. And I use the word 'swing' advisedly. We eventually left at 8:15am and we weren't the last to go either. Walking back in the early morning sunshine Marky asked my how come I was so bouncy and full of energy after a night of debauchery. How I'd mange to stay up all night (fnah, fnah) without the need of chemical assistance. I told him what I always tell him. It's stamina counts in the end. :)

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