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Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Last Night...
We had our US-UK gay blogmeet last night at the Phoenix. Lots of gay NYC bloggers turned up to welcome us which was lovely. Michael even bought us both cards and presents which was very thoughtful of him. Sparky has a great picture (though RJ seems to be a bit camera shy for some reason) if you want to see who was there. It was great to have a chance to put a face to some of the journals I've been reading. And it made me realise that there are many more to read. So I shall be adding a link to everyone's blog site when I get back to the UK next week.

The people in attendance were Michael, Charlie, David, Mike, RJ, Sparky, Jonathan, Bryan, Jeff, Michael and Julian

The evening ended about 4am (when they threw out the rest of the trash!) Well when I say ended...

Tonight we are going round to Tom and Michael's for a drink and then going out for some dinner with them. After that we're going to Pork at the Lure which should be a giggle.

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