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Friday, July 20, 2001

Last night in Sodom...
Off the the US later. So may be posting less often over the next week. Here are a few musings before I go though...
- Comptons is too disorientating. Bar Code is a much better place to spend your time. And cruisier.
- Marky. You are a wonderful man. How could I Iove you more?
- Stuart, you were looking fabulous tonight (as ever). Your six months round the world has done you the power of good.
- Marcus / Ian: two sides of the same coin (oh dear, signed my own death warrent)
- No. 19 bus drivers: learn how to driver properly, you reckless bastards!
- David: looking forward to spending time with you over the next ten days. My mantra: we don't walk, we get a cab.
- Richard, you are very cute. "Hello? Is it me you're looking for?" - in a Lionel Richie stylee.
- I think I should go to bed now before I say something I shouldn't.

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