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Tuesday, July 10, 2001

MP3 Player...
I have just got my new Creative DAP Jukebox. And I love it. It's about the same size and weight as a portable CD player i.e. you carry it in a bag or a very big pocket. It holds a whopping 6Gb of data - MP3, WMA or WAV files. That's about 100 hours of music at 128kb encoding. For starters I've just stuffed my entire Pet Shop Boys collection, the latest Depeche Mode, Travis and Geri CDs, all the Harry Potter audio books, loads of disco and chillout complilations, and various other music I had lying around. I can now play it through my speakers at work, listen to it on the tube and will have some music for when David and I are travelling to the States in ten days time. It does loads of groovy things like built in recording, and four speaker output but the thing that makes it so cool is you can choose the music you want to hear on the fly. Tune-tastic!

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