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Thursday, July 26, 2001

Jurassic Park 3...
I just went to see JP3. Was it any good? Well, the law of diminishing returns applies here big time. The plot, the special effects and set pieces were all recycled from the two previous films. That's not to say JP3 isn't not diverting. It is. Entertaining even. But you just feel you've seen it all before. The raptors are back but not as mean as before. So what, they can talk. Who cares? It's just a plot device that enevitably helps the all screaming, all panting humans get free at the end. And the film ended rather quickly too (it was only 1h 35mins anyway). I was expecting a surprise ending or at least a the-dinosaurs-get-to-America-and-cause-havoc ending but it never came. Shame really. So I'd say it's not a must see movie. Wait for the video.

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