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Tuesday, July 24, 2001

New York City Boys...
We got into JFK rather later last night than originally scheduled (flight delays on United - again). Got a taxi straight to Manhattan and then checked in to the Star Hotel's Orbit Room (more on this fluorescent trippy space later). Within minutes we were out on the street again strutting down 8th Avenue like to owned the place. We joined in the drag show at Baraccuda (a long story involving a five pound note - don't ask!) and generally had a wilder time than our day's travelling should have permitted us. Up earlish this morning we've been shopping in Century 21 (we're queens on a budget, don't you know) and walked the length and breadth of Christopher Street in search of a good time. Just about to have a disco nap in preparation for tonight's Blogmeet at the Phoenix. Spoke to Michael on the phone about maybe going to the beach on Friday. Yippey!

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