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Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Moulin Rouge...
David and I have just been to see Moulin Rouge in Times Square. Overall I'd have to give it 9/10 (i.e. see it in the cinema and buy the DVD when it comes out). Great songs. Great acting. The set pieces with full orchestral backing are sumptuous, rich collages of light and colour. And the effect is truly moving. For instance when Ewan McGreggor first sings 'Your Song' to Nicole Kidman I had tears running down my face (big old sentimental poof that I am). Some of the big production numbers didn't work quite as well though. The Elephant Love Medley was a bit of a let down somewhat. Despite having heard it on the soundtrack album before when seeing it on the scene the songs jarred a little bit. I think this may have been because it was being sung on top of an elephant (!). There are some very funny scenes (using Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' for example) and Ms Kidman shows a rare talent for high farce. The film basically 'worked' i.e. the formula of famous songs covered by famous people was just the right side of kitsch. It was funny without being corny. Visually stunning and yet not overwhelming. Go and see it. It's fab.

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