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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Quiz Night (Answers)...

Here are the answers to last week's quiz night.

How did you do?

In the News

1. Rapper Drake released a new album last week, Certified Lover Boy, which british artist designed the album artwork? Damien Hurst
2. Which band have announced a new album after 40 years as well as plans to perform at concerts where they will appear via avatars? Abba
3. The era of leaded petrol is officially over, but who was the last country to stop pumping? Algeria
4. The 80 million pound renovation to big ben is almost finished, the clock face has had a spruce up to which new colour? Blue
5. After a successful campaign at the paralympics how many medals did Team GB win overall? 124 (41 golds)


1. Today marks 199 years of independence from Portugal for which country? Brazil
2. Which is the largest island in the Mediterranean? Sicily
3. Which Premiership football team plays its home games in Gunnersbury? Brentford
4. Which Norwegian town hosted the 1994 winter olympics? Lillehammer
5. Which US city was artist Andy Warhol born in? Pittsburgh

Food and Drink

1. What style of beer takes its names from a town in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic? Pilsner
2. What name is given to the Italian pastry that consists of tube shaped shells of fried pastry dough filled with a sweet, creamy filling that usually consists of ricotta? Cannoli
3. GSM is an abbreviation given for the classic 3 grape blend in Southern French wine culture. Which grape variety is represented by S? Syrah
4. Which Asian seafood restaurant, located on the corner of Mayfair’s Berkeley Square houses the world’s largest Japanese whiskey collection? Sexy Fish
5. Perigord is a variety of what? Truffle


1. Name the German singer who appeared on 4 tracks of The Velvet Underground’s debut album. Nico (Rio)
2. Guano is an effective fertiliser produced from the accumulated excrement of seabirds and which other animals? Bats (Baby Driver)
3. Which word precedes the word Swing to denote a musical genre that blends vintage swing sounds with modern house music? Electro (The Amazing Spiderman 2)
4. “Georgia on my Mind” was a 1960 Billboard number one for which artist? Ray Charles (Ray)
5. Complete the title of the 1969 Lee Scratch Perry and The Upsetters sophomore album. Return Of….BLANK? Django (Django Unchained)

Movie Characters voiced or played by Jamie Foxx

Sequence Round:

1. Chelsea 0…..Everton 53…..Man Utd 28….Inter Milan 47….Chelsea BLANK - 1 (League goals scored by Romelu Lukaku at various clubs he has played for)
2. Team...Side….Scan….BLANK - Day (Or anything that can have the letter D in front) (A-Team, B-Side, C Scan, D Day).
3. N: Lagos….B: Mumbai….H: BLANK - Los Angeles (Nollywood - Lagos, Bollywood - Mumbai, Hollywood - Los Angeles) The nicknames for various film industry locations
4. 83.7 million - Addison Rae….108.9 million - Khabane Lame….123.6 million - BLANK - Charlie D’Amelio (Top 3 Tik Tok users in terms of followers)
5. Ammunition 10%....Pope 25%....Scooter 29%....Option BLANK - 33.3% (the percentage of each word made up of the letter O)

Science, Tech & Nature

1. What name is given to a male rabbit? Buck
2. What name is given to water that occurs in a natural environment with higher salt levels than freshwater but less than sea water? Brackish Water
3. A Hazmat suit gets its name from the combination of which 2 words? Hazardous Materials
4. What is the name of the stocks and shares Reddit community that played a major role in the Game Stop short squeeze earlier this year? Wall Street Bets
5. 3, S, X and Y are models of car produced by which manufacturer? Tesla

The Arts and Culture

1. In Texas hip hop culture, Purple Drank is a recreational drug consisting of which prescription medicine? Cough Syrup (Codeine also accepted)
2. Which British author released The Comfort Book earlier this year? Matt Haig
3. The Warehouse Project is a seasonal series of club nights that takes place in which UK city? Manchester
4. Pamela Anderson’s first 2 husbands were rock musicians - Can you name them? Tommy Lee / Kid Rock
5. Today marks the 91st birthday of American musician Sonny Rollins. What instrument is he best known for? Saxophone

Intro’s round

1. The Tide is High - Blondie (atomic kitten)
2. Tragedy - Steps (Bee Gees)
3. Spirit in the sky - Gareth Gates
4. Baby Come Back - Pato Banton - (Equals)
5. I’ll be missing you - Puff Daddy, Faith Evans - (The Police)

Theme: All have entered the charts more than once, from different artists - covers

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