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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

WOW! Duckie Salutes Kate Bush...
Oh. My. God! This is soooo me! Kiki and Herb et al. I'll be there!

[Click for bigger version]
Venue: ICA

Performance: WOW! Duckie Salutes Kate Bush

Date: Fri 15 Oct 2004 at 8pm.

Starring Kiki & Herb, Nathan Evans, Wee Lee and Fake Bush. Hostessed by Amy Lame with DJ's London Readers Wifes.

Duckie, south London's premiere post-gay pop and performance kunst-disco invites you to join the queer Kate Bush fan club. She's eccentric, she's elusive and she's very, very English.

A night of puppetry, poetry, karaoke, contemporary dance and some brilliant pop song performances. Punters are encouraged to dress as Kate and don your leotards, legwarmers and lipstick. This is the third in Duckie's series of quirky tributes to English pop cultural figures at the ICA - following on from their previous homages to Julie Burchill and Morrissey

Full Price : £10.

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