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Friday, September 10, 2004

Sø we're here. Cøpenhagen, ør København as the løcals call it. It' a løvely place; quiet, restful and peaceful. Perhaps a little tøø sø. Øur høtel Grand Høtel is great though - central and reasønably cheap to bøøt.

Anyway, we're having fun. Mind yøu, everything everyøne says abøut the Danes is true. They ALL løve their Queen uncønditiønally, they wøn't crøss øn red, they all møan incessentally about their taxes (averaging 65%) and they hate the Swedes (but ønly in sibling rivalry kind øf a way).

We've been quite the tøurists since we arrived - a full-on bar crawl last night, an open-tøp bus tøur this mørning, the Christiania hippy commune and the Little Mermaid (which was nøt quite as small as we had feared). Tønight we're gøing back to Christiania with a friend to see a 'sexy cabaret' - a tøfu strip, perhaps? Holistic drag?

During last night's bar høpping we did nøtice that the alcøhøl is nøthing like as expensive as we'd been lead tø believe - a little øver two quid a pint. Perhaps we're just used to paying Løndøn prices.

Tomorrow we've gøt a day trip planned tø Sweden - a mere 16km acrøss the water - før Malmo Gay Pride. Apparently it's small, but perfectly førmed.

Sunday we'll try the Tivoli theme park. We hear it's the thing tø dø øn a Sunday.

Danes are tøø easy to wind up though. I just asked whø their Queen's dentist was... Naughty, I know.

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