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Monday, September 27, 2004

My Luc was in...
It was my birthday weekend just gone. My family took me away for a few days to a hotel and health spa in Northern France. Very nice. Le Touquet used to be the preserve of wealthy Victorians in search of that 'continental experience' or Parisians in search of the nearest beach to the Eiffel Tower. These days it's a holiday destination not too dissimilar to Brighton.

The spa treatments were great. First there was the salt water swimming pool, then a massage with the rather lovely Luc and then a bizarre algae therapy. This last one involved stripping, having a shower scrub and being coated with a very smelly bright green liquidised seaweed. The 'nurse' then wrapped me in cling film (not as pervy as it sounds), a heated blanket and then being left to cook for 20 minutes. Funny how your mind wanders when you're in such situations. All I could think of was how a chip much feel in a guacamole dip. The whole experience was a bit weird but great for the skin.

So now I'm back in the big smoke and rather sold on the idea of health spas. So what next? Fancy a colonic anyone?

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