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Friday, September 17, 2004

(San) Ilya...
Simon, Paul, Gordon and I (Charlie and Mark were both no-shows) went to see the fabulousness and gorgeousness that is (San) Ilya last night at Jazz Cafe in London. We last saw them in May and I stand by my previous view of them being like Goldfrapp (circa Felt Mountain) meets Annie Lennox meets Air meets Leslie Garret meets Cleo Layne meets Anastasia.

But don't just take my word for it:
Once in a while, a new act emerges that creates such a unique sound that you can’t fail to sit up and take notice. An act whose music redefines boundaries, that experiments with different sounds with glorious consequences. San Ilya - namely Joanna Swan, Nick Pullin and Dan Brown, who hail from Bristol, have done just that with their debut album ‘They Died For Beauty’, a tantalizing set that combines a haunting yet delicate vocals and melodies, with a laid back jazz-influenced production style that somehow fuses Jacques Brel with Scott Walker, James Bond, Ipanema style and Curtis Mayfield-remnant basslines.

Highlights of last night's gig for me were Bellissimo (as featured in Revlon's TV commercial), Happy and Weak, Quattro Neon and Pretty Boy. Oh, and the seven-piece's very cute drummer.

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