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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Sour note...
Hmmm. Well, I have to report it wasn't a very good end to what was actually a lovely holiday.

First we were robbed at the hotel losing both our Sony MP3 players and a SD memory card - we'd left our luggage with the concierge while we did some last minute window shopping. We didn't realise that while we were away our bags had been tampered with until we got back to the UK. Marky, bless him, made calls to the hotel and the Danish police. Insurance... Minimum excess... Police crime numbers... Ugh!

Secondly, I had come down with food poisoning from our final hotel buffet breakfast. I suspect the pancakes as people were helping themselves with their hands.

And to cap it all the flight home was really bumpy (my worst nightmare). I was getting travel sickness and the food poisoning wasn't helping. When we got home I went straight to bed. Unfortunately I have no option but to be in work this morning.

UPDATE: OK, Darian, I'll name names. The hotel of shame was: The Grand Hotel.

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