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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bat Boy : The Musical...
Roger got free tickets to see the musical comedy Bat Boy : The Musical in London's glitzy West End last night. Against all good advice I went along.

None of us knew quite sure what to expect. The reviews had been, as they say, mixed but, hey, that doesn't mean it wouldn't be fun, huh?. How wrong we were.

In the opening number the chorus pointed directly at the audience and sang, rather ominously, "Bat Boy has had to suffer all his life, and now it's your turn". How right they were.

I can sum up the dreadful experience by comparing it to two things it wasn't; two things it was trying to aspire to but failing: The Rocky Horror Show and The Little Shop Of Horrors. Although it inhabited the same world of both of these wonderful musicals it had neither the sheer sense of fun of the former nor kitsch and good tunes of the later. In fact there was precious little humour to be found in either the dialogue or the songs. A fatal mistake in a musical comedy, I'd have though.

The auditorium was almost empty. Those that were there were all on freebies. I give it a couple of months tops. Shame.

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