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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Sony Network Walkman...

Marky and I have both replaced our stolen MP3 players with the much awaited spanking new Sony Network Walkman (or to give it it's correct title the Sony NW-HD1 20GB Hard Drive Network Walkman). It claims it'll hold 13,000 songs but as with all these things it depends on the sample rate you're happy with.

Sony's iPod killer? I doubt it. But it's credit-card size makes it significantly smaller and much lighter. It also has massively longer battery life of 30 hours.

It also has that nice feel-good factor you get from all Sony products. Sony aren't necessarily good innovators but, like Microsoft, will follow a trend and generally do a better job at marketing it than their rivals.

Slight niggles with the new Walkman? The transfer software SonicStage is a little bit clunky and you can't create playlists as you listen. But apart from that it's a winner.

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