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Friday, July 04, 2003

I love my XDA. It's a phone, it's a computer, it's fab. And guess what? It's getting better. Mobile phone network 02 has taken the wraps off the mark two version XDA. The XDA II, which will offer GPRS for email and web browsing as the XDA did, will cosmetically look the same, but have a bunch of extra features besides:-

- integrated aerial
- a higher contrast 65,000 colour display
- triband capability to enable seamless use worldwide
- an integrated 640x480 pixels digital camera on the back with full multimedia messaging via MMS or e-mail
- Bluetooth and optional wireless LAN capability
- a faster processor (Intel Xscale 400 MHz) facilitating faster use
- better battery to give improved talk and standby time
- it'll use the latest Phone Edition of Windows MobileTM 2003 Software for Pocket PC
- inbuilt Java technology for games
- a music download service at CD quality
- a music and video downlaods and streaming via GPRS

Can't wait.

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