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Friday, July 11, 2003

Friends Of Dorothy...
Marky and I went to see Bea Arthur last year in Sydney, Australia when we at the Gay Games. I see she is now bringing the show to London.

Bea Arthur, known the world over as the gravel voiced star of THE GOLDEN GIRLS, is to make her West End stage debut at the ripe old age of 80! The show takes an acerbic view of life, shot through with several musical numbers.

Bea has made many TV series, including seven seasons of THE GOLDEN GIRLS from 1985 to 1992 and several TV specials, including THE BEATRICE ARTHUR SPECIAL in 1980. Her hugely varied stage career includes starring opposite Angela Lansbury in the original Broadway production of MAME in 1966.

As Bea herself puts it, "my training has been total; I've done everything except Rodeos and Porn"

Bea will be accompanied at the piano by her musical director Billy Goldenberg, the multi award-winning composer of the musical BALLROOM.

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