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Friday, July 25, 2003

Gay Pride: The Party...
A little while ago lots of Pride posters appeared on the advertising boards of the tube. I'll not actually seen anyone stopping and reading one yet which seems a bit of an oxymoron given the name of the event. Good line-up though.

The Party running order is currently:

3:00 Liberty X
3:35 Gina G
3:50 Kaci
4:00 Jennifer Ellison
4:15 The Cheeky Girls
4:25 Sister India
4:35 Matt Goss
4:55 Ultra Nate
5:10 Gay Men`s Chorus
5:25 Appleton
5:40 Never the Bride
5:55 Jarvine
6:10 Blue
6:30 Junior Senior
6:50 Jocelyn Brown & Friends
7:05 Mis-teeq
7:25 Skin
7:45 Dead or Alive
8:05 Tom Robinson
8:20 Jimmy Somerville
8:35 Jimmy & Marc
8:40 Soft Cell
9:00 Heather Small & Pride finale

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