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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

My weekend
Friday night: drinks at the Eddie on the way home. Marcus joined us for some supper and then we stayed in to watch Will & Grace, Scrubs, Bo Selecta and Big Brother. God, BB4 is soooo borrrrring. Helps me sleep though.

Saturday daytime: had a chrome and glass TV/video stand delivered from John Lewis and then Marky and I drove down to Crawley (four hours there, two and half back) to pick up four Sony tall-boy speakers to go with our new Home Theatre System. The trip was worth it (just) - the speakers sound great.

Saturday night: met Jason for a drink in town and then went to Duckie to see The Smiths musical: The Queen is Dead. Very funny. Not so nice though were the local kids around the Vauxhall Tavern who pelted us with stones as we sat on the grass later on. Sticks and stone WILL break my bones thank you very much.

Sunday night: Ben, Sarah, Marky and I met up at the Retro Bar nice and early for a bit of a chin-wag and a bevy before walking along the Strand to Somerset House to see Goldfrapp perform. Ben and Sarah are fairly recent converts to the cult of Goldfrapp and it was great to see the expression on both of their faces as they saw Alison perform the vocal gymnastics for which she is renowned. The set was identical to the one we saw at the Astoria the other month but what made is extra specially special was the setting. The courtyard of Somerset House is such an ideal location for an open air gig - being just the right size and shape. Not too big nor too small. So carried away were we that we even bought Goldfrapp T-shirts.

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