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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Soho Pride...
On Saturday it was Soho Pride. Many of the streets in and around Soho were closed off to cars so the restaurants and bars could put tables and chairs out in the streets. The atmosphere was convivial and the crowds thronged accordingly. Actually they thronged a bit too much in certain places and just outside Comptons, where the main stage was, was rammed. We took slight refuge just behind the stage and bought our beers from the offy (£1-50 rather than £3 if you please).

The stage held alternate one hour sets from The Black Cap (mainly drag) and Comedy Campers (stand-up and variety). A highlight was the Dame Edna Experience who really got the crowd going (and even converted a certain non-believer) but, as ever, my favourites were Ida Barr and Tina C. Chris Green's alter egos just made me scream with laughter.

(The Super Destroyer) Adrella made a rather spooky return from the dead at one pojnt - still doing the same old act 18 odd years later then you poor cow.

Despite the heaving crowds the policemen and women on duty were all good natured and didn't seem to mind a bit of gentle ribbing from the stage. "Hands up who's straight. (pause) Not putting your hand up then, Officer?"

Nice to see that a central part of one of the great capital cities of the world can still close it's streets for a gay street party. Roll on Pride.

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