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Friday, July 25, 2003

Gay Pride: The Parade...
Tomorrow is Gay Pride in London. The march starts at noon near Cleopatra's Needle by the river and ends where the party will be, Hyde Park - at last, a central venue! Details of the march can be found here. The theme this year is "Our History, Our Future" and thankfully the Metropolitan Police have agreed that motorised floats can be integrated into the body of the parade, rather than the quarter-mile separation of previous years.

There will be five mini parades each representing a decade, separated by blocks of people walking. The first mini parade will reflect the 1960s, the second the 1970s and so on, finishing with 'today and tomorrow', the 2000s decade.

Last year I had a bit of a rant about why gay people should go on the Gay Pride march. My point being that if you're gay you have a duty to go. Be seen. Be proud.

Well this year my tack is different. You should just go because it's fun. And what's more you might see me.

Why might you see me? Well, I shall be doing my little bit. Doing my little bit for a good cause. I am just soooo giving, me.

And the good cause? Why, Freedoms, of course: the marvelous condom distribution scheme (free at gay venues, massively discounted on their Freedoms web shop) that Marky had more than a little hand in setting up.

So yes, punters, it's true, I shall be tirelessly supporting a good cause this year.

And where will I be? Where might you see me? Why, I'll be shall be selflessly waving at you from atop of the big Gaydar bus along with the contestants of Mr Gay UK all clad in skimpy shorts.

Did someone mention a champagne reception too?

The things a gal has to do for charity!

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