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Thursday, August 01, 2002

Future Sex...
Last night Channel Four finally screened the Future Sex show that I'd been filmed for last October. So I guess now news of my fetish for football kit is out in the public arena. No surprises there!

As to the quality of the program, preceded as I was by some Torture Garden virgins, some New York dominatrixes (dominatrices?) and Gus the sneaker sex guy (who I know quite well as it happens), I can pass no comment. The fact that it was on in the graveyard slot probably says it all though.

It was funny to read yesterday of Chig's account of being at the same Sports And Shorts night when the Channel Four filming was done. I'd purposely tried to give the program's screening a very low profile (apart from texting a few of my nearest and dearest early yesterday evening) and so hadn't mentioned it on my site or commented on Chig's posting yesterday. The reason? I didn't particularly want my folks (sorry Mum!) or my boss (sorry David!) finding out about the show before it's airing. Mainly because I hadn't seen it before it was aired - so I had no idea whether I would come across as a freak, a pervert or worse. My fears were unfounded though.

Luckily the production team seemed to keep in some of the points that I was trying to get across about footie kit, male bonding and the (rather lame) rainbow metaphor without making me seem too weird. Considering it was a 14 hour day's filming and the actual piece was condensed down to about a 7 minute item I shudder at the though of the quality of 13 hours and 53 minutes of film on the cutting room floor!

As the program aired I got phone calls throughout from my friend Kit. All he could say was "Your poor mother! Your poor, poor mother!"

So did you see the show? What did you think?

(Incidentally the show last night was the answer to last week's riddle. In some ways I was pleased no one got it!)

UPDATE: A few people from work watched the show last night and have been popping into my office and calling me a "TV star" (sarcastic but well natured).

I think in general people found it very funny and that indeed was partly the intention. I got loads of text messages and phone calls after the show and this morning saying how much fun they thought it was to watch and to those people I say "Thank You" - it was fun to make too. I shall certainly heed you advice Andy, "Beware * fuckers!" :-)

I really like being on TV - and I make no apologies for that. I've been on game shows, the news and documentaries. Hell, I even dated a TV producer! It's not everyone's cup of tea perhaps but there you go. And almost everyone has been very supportive of my little weakness. Which is nice.

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