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Friday, August 02, 2002

Today's tunes....
I went out and bought George Michael's Shoot The Dog today. It's certainly not his best track. In fact it probably rates down there at the bottom of the pile. But I consider myself a fan. And as I've explained before I support the people I like - even through the bad times. When I got back and listened to the various mixes I was even more disappointed than I thought I was going to be. It is, what can only best be described as, POO-POO KA-KA. Oh well. Better luck next time, love.

While I was in HMV I also splashed out on the CD and DVD of McAlmont and Butler's Falling. Very nice - if a little, er, predictable. The last time I saw David McAlmont was a few months ago on stage in Central Station Kings Cross singing Yes. Three times in a row! By the end (in a rather drunken state) we were shouting out "NO!"

The final audio delight of the day was something different and yet really quite pleasurable. It was a double CD of recent chart dance tunes called Breakdown: The Very Best Of Euphoric Dance Vol. 4. Marky bought it this morning from the excellent CD-WOW for just 12.99 and I was ripping it for a bit of work time destress music. Lots of bibiddy-boboddy tunes to make the day go faster. The best of the day by far.

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