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Thursday, August 22, 2002

The weekend starts here...
I'm starting the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend rather early. Sarah and I are meeting for a liquid lunch in Old Compton Street in an hour and I don't expect we'll get much work done when if we make it back to our respective offices. Tonight we've got Nikki, Ben & Sarah round for supper and then B&S are staying over. Tomorrow we're all setting off early to the glorious Cotswolds for Simon and Sarah's wedding. Meeting up with the men from last Saturday's Stag Night should be fun - I'm blessed cursed with an ability to recollect what people say to me when they're drunk. The slight disadvantage I have to this gift is that I can never remember what I say when drunk! D'oh!

We're back on Saturday afternoon and I'm thinking of going to The Torture Garden on Saturday night. Has anyone been there recently? It used to be a lot of fun years ago.

And then there's Sunday and Monday to plan too. So much time to fill and so much to fill it with. What plans are you got for the coming weekend?

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