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Thursday, August 08, 2002

Would Like To Meet...
Last night's Would Like To Meet on BBC2 show was a gem. They had a gay man on for a pleasant change. A Wiltshire school teacher called, Richard, who was criminally shy and almost pathetic at putting his best foot forward. At times endearing and at times darned right frustrating you just wanted to shake him and say, "Wake up, man! Get some self-confidence!" He put his hands up to his face all the time, apologized for everything he said and cried when he felt sorry for himself. It was going to be a tough 6 weeks preparing him for his date at the end of it.

The three style gurus on the program took their job very seriously and did their business very well. They improved his self-esteem (almost too much, making him all but aggressive), updated his clothes (bit too Top Man for my taste) and transformed his body language (teaching him how to stand proudly, be more intimate and finally, how to flirt). And it's in this last part where the program really shone. Watching Richard walk up and down Old Compton Street and practice his flirting was laugh-out-loud funny. He had a straight woman guru, Tracey, giving him tips and he took to it like a duck to water. "You've given me a gaydar," he said. "I'm teaching you how to cruise. How to flirt", Tracey replied. Apparently the way to flirt is as follows:- as you walk past someone stare directly in the eyes for three seconds, then drop your eyes to the floor as you pass and then look back. Stare, drop, turn. Easy.

Later in The Yard, bolstered by the success of his new found flirting ability, Richard chatted someone up - a rather dishy Yank, called Seth. The date was set and over dinner things went very well. So well in fact the buzzer was pushed and the cameras were switched off. Fab.

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