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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Happy Birthday to Loo...
Britain's first public toilet opened exactly 150 years ago in London. The public convenience was opened on 14 August 1852 opposite the Royal Courts of Justice in Fleet Street. Flushed with it's success others soon followed.

And you can find lots of other wonderful facts about our public loos at the British Toilet Association (BTA) web site:-
- You can become a BTA member for just £25 + VAT
- Support their Save Our Toilets campaign
- Sponsor the organisation itself
- Swap anecdotes about toilets with like minded loo enthusiasts (Jesus, I can't believe I'm writing this - Ed)
- Have you been to a really excellent loo lately? Sadly you'll be just too late to vote for it as the Loo Of The Year 2002 though.
- Buy the Good Loo Guide
- Read about the Toilet Management Manual - produced to help those at the "service delivery end of the spectrum"
- Obtain a "motivating/inspirational" video of the best loos in Britain
- Take a "toilet focussed" training BICSc course

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