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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

A warm feeling inside...
On the spur of the moment Marky and I decided to have an anniversary lunch today in Old Compton Street. We headed over to Soho and walked (sometimes) hand in hand looking in restaurant windows for somewhere nice to eat. Eventually we settled upon a simple Italian place. The sun was shining (just), the food at the restaurant was good and I was left with a warm glow in my tummy afterwards. Although maybe that due to the double mocha with floating flakes and double cream I had for desert at Costa!

Sharing a meal today day brought back memories of other anniversary meals gone by. Our 1st when we stayed in and cooked and never got as far as desert(!) Our 3rd was a nightmare from start to finish (cold food, bad service and eventually a silent walk home!) At our 5th we got so drunk and rowdy the waiter had to tell us to keep the noise down. Our 7th was at the Tate Modern when the food was sent back 7, yes 7, times. At our 9th the waitress liked us so much she came and sat down with us and joined in the celebrations!

So we're out for dinner again tonight for our 10th. A bit posher than the lunchtime venue though - The Almeida in Islington. We'll try and not show ourselves up this time either.

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