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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

This is the hotel we're staying inNext month I'm off to Dubai for a week. It's the annual company Oil Spill Drill - where we rehearse what we would do as a company if there was a real oil spill from one of our ships. At every level we practice what would in real live be a major damage limitation exercise - the logistics, communications, documentation and public relations. Oh yes, and the wild life. Not that I'll be wiping pretend crude oil off pretend sea gulls, you understand. I'll just be oogling the riggers, engineers and rescue men as they romp around in the surf. And why are we going for a week when the the drill itself actually only goes on for just 24 hours? Well, we get a few days each side to have a bit of a holiday acclimatise so as to make sure we perform to the best of our abilities on the big day. We're staying in the Hilton for one night on the way down there and then at the Royal Mirage for the rest of the time. I've never been to Dubai before and I'm really looking forward to it. A holiday? No! It's work. Work, I tell ya!

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