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Monday, August 19, 2002

It was a testosterone fuelled weekend (Part I)...
Mark was away sailing and so I was off the leash. On Friday Ian and I went to Darren's birthday bash at a bar/club by Tower Bridge. It was also the launch of a Tamla Motown compilation that night so the drinks were free (for a while). All my lovelies were there including Jim, Patrick and Jason. It was nice to meet Rob (who I'd heard so much about last weekend in Brighton) and Tony again too. By midnight we all decided to head over to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern as there was similar music being played there and we wanted to continue the fun. By 3am things were getting a bit jiggy and so it was definitely time to go home so Darren, Jim, Patrick and I all got a cab back to Islington. And Patrick related an interesting fact. The picture for the album cover for The Streets LP Original Pirate Material was actually taken from his kitchen window (just down by City Road) and they were back again last week making a video to use in their upcoming tour. Well I was impressed! He should have asked for freebies to the show.

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