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Thursday, August 01, 2002

Spider-man's on the phone...
I've finally managed to squeeze Spider-Man on my phone. He is now small but perfectly formed and swinging around on my XDA. The format I used was Windows Media Video (WMV) which actually works surprisingly well. Not previously being much of a fan of Windows Movie Maker I was pleasantly surprised that it all worked so easily and gave me a pre-built choice of output bit rates and screen sizes to taste. It had three options for PDAs. I'd recently bought a new 256Mb SD card for my XDA so even on the highest PDA setting I had space to spare.

And while I'm banging a drum for M$ let me say here and now the Windows Media Player is actually pretty smart too. I used to hate it prior to version 6.4 but now it's up to version 8.0 it's actually got some pretty cool features. For instance, connecting my XDA to my PC allows me to copy files from my PCs's MP3 library and convert them to an appropriate bit rate on the fly (right-sizing). No messing with fiddlesome settings every time. That means I can now fit about 10 full length LPs on my phone. Not bad.

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