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Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Worst score ever...
(there are no links in this entry to protect the guilty - but you know who you are)
12? 12!!!? I ask you. What a crap score. It wasn't even out of 20 but 21. Come back Dave, come back Darren. The slight consolation was that Wendy won which was good. To our credit everyone agreed it was a tough quiz tough. Wendy's team won with just 15.5. So where did it all go so wrong? Well, there were a fair number of questions about the Brits nominees - we were clueless. The first question was a photo fit of Craig David, Robbie Williams and Eminem (we couldn't identify the rapper's chin). Then there was round on girl bands. We stupidly failed to spot All Saints and Booty Call, guessed correctly at Cleopatra's I Want You Back but didn't feel too bad at missing out on Sweetbox (though we knew the song title of Everything's gonna be alright). I'm always crap with years so why David took my advice to say that these songs were all hits in 1999 I have no idea. Of the course I was wrong. The year was 1998. The next round was TV themes. Easy. Match Of The Day, The Persuaders and Crossroads. Then it was the big seven round. Seven Marc/Soft Cell tracks. Needless to say picked up the two points on offer with ease - even identifying on the first note of a misplayed track. The next question was the lyric round. The song was Madonna's Vogue. We had to get the seventeen words that start with the bit "Greta Garbo and Monroe...". Did we get it right. Hell we did! We should both have to hand in our Gay ID cards to the Gay Police for failing to get it right. We put a "Grace Kelly" where we should have had a "Marlon Brando". Pooh! The next round was the covers round. We did OK with the first question getting Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody. However upon hearing the next track I thought that I'd had a flash of inspiration in thinking we were listening to a cover of I Feel Pretty from My Fair Lady. It turned out to be Mack The Knife sung in German. Easy mistake I think you'll agree. Not knowing that Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) was originally made famous by Edison Lighthouse gave us no shame. Then we had the "Spot The Connection" round. Five tracks they gave us were performed by Danny (Wilson), Noel (Gallagher), Mylene (somebody-or-other), Kim (Wilde) and Suzanne (Vega). Naturally the answer was Popstars. Quite why we put Diana Ross will forever remain a mystery. The next round was "crap covers" where we were subjected to Jim Dale, Danny La Rue and Mike Reid. It rather typified the evening in that we did quite well in that round. The final three questions were all Brit nominees. We failed to recognise Radiohead or Air but possible managed to hang on to our Gay credentials by getting S Club Seven right for the closing question. So that was it. 12/21. An historic moment.

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