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Friday, February 02, 2001

Oh... my... God...!
Did you see 'Enders last night?!
Normally we hate Kat "the slapper with the slap on" but last night was different. Firstly she outshone even herself with enough Egyptian eyeliner to make Barbara Streisand blush. Then she went down the Vic to try and pick up anything in trousers. Later at Zoe's birthday bash she had some of the bitchiest lines that 'Enders has seen for some time. Then to cap it all she pulled a corking plot twist out of the hat, "Zoe’s not your special little girl, she’s mine!" I almost fell off my chair. I just didn't see that one coming at all.
What I love about 'Enders is they know how to make a whip up a storm in a badly chipped teacup. Melodrama out of mellow drama.
Kat Slater will have no trouble getting Panto for 2001.

Friends was good but not the best.

Temptation Island trundled along nicely last night. Billy's pseudo-strip was the high point. Where did he buy that washboard stomach?

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