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Tuesday, February 06, 2001

Phones, cakes and Captain Pugwash...
For those luddites that don't yet own a mobile phone soon you're be terrorised by a new disposable version. Announced last year it'll be on sale this.

Things you didn't know about Mr Kipling:
*More than 64 million Mr Kipling Apple Pies are sold each year.
*In 1999 we made nearly 36 million Mini Battenberg cakes - enough to circle the M25 eight times!
*We can make 864 French Fancies a minute.
*The voice on the old TV ads was not that of Mr Kipling, but his friend's.
*Over the years, three different actors have been the voice of Mr Kipling's friend.
*Mr Kipling cakes are exported to America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada and the Middle East.
*The Mr Kipling 'exceedingly good' line has been the subject of comedy sketches by Dawn French and the Fast Show.

Captain Pugwash, Sooty and Thomas were always favourites of mine. Now you can play the games, sing the songs and generally be a child again. No dubious mentions of Seamen Stains, Master Bates or Roger(ing) the Cabinboy here.

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