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Thursday, February 01, 2001

Peer pressure is a terrible thing.
Thank you David, Ian and Dave!
No sooner had I settled down to a quiet life of swapping the odd e-mail and a few well chosen URLs with friends when some idiot came up with the idea of Weblogs or Blogs (as the purists would have it).
As if we have time to type away reams of nonsense to people who don't give a shit? Not you, dear reader, of course. I know that you are here for the noblest of reasons.

Why do people go to friend's (we)blog sites?
Partly out of duty I guess (I probably forced you to surf here), partly to see if there's anything saucy or gossipy and partly to see if there is anything you can steal for your own blog. Blog borrowing seems to be big business. I suppose one should be flattered if someone likes your links or your prose style enough to "borrow" it. I am under no illusions that I shall have nothing stolen.

Well what can you expect from coming to this site then?
1. the odd jokes with bad puns
2. the odd rant about life, the universe and everything
3. the odd bit of techno babble about my latest toy/gadget
3. the odd bit of pop gossip shamelessly lifted from PopBitch
4. the odd life that is me

May God forgive me.

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