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Wednesday, February 07, 2001

Type A...
David, you might need to work on those competitiveness issues. Can I recommend either the Betty Ford Clinic - as she seems such a nice woman from her picture?
I suspect you are a Type A person though. So there's no hope.

Pop Quiz...
WE WON! (Again) - bottle of wine this time!
We got 19.5 out of 20 (actually 20/20 but more of that later)
Our secret weapon was the wonderful Darren. Born in North Wales, currently living betwixt So'ton and London the lovely Darren (sorry boys, he's taken) stunned us with his amazing knowledge of all things "sampled". The quiz was based upon a CD that contained the original recordings of tracks that had subsequent been sampled. Basically most questions were simply "who sampled this track and what is the newer track called?"
Amongst the artists were Moby (Natural Blues), Fat Boy Slim (Praise You), Robbie Williams (Rock DJ), Eminem (My Name is...), Groove Armada (At the River), De La Soul (3 is a magic number), M C Hammer (Can't Touch This), S-Express (Theme from...) Spiller (Groovejet), Stardust (Music Sounds Better With You), Modjo (Lady) and Fat Boy Slim (Rockerfella Skank) and many more.

And why do I think we deserved 20/20 rather than 19.5? Question #9 was: who sampled Chic's "Good Times"? Well, it has been sampled by quite a few artists on various tracks over the years. But two that stand out are The Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" in 1979 and later Grandmaster Flash's (aka Joseph Saddler) "The Message" in 1982. Wendy the glamourous quiz mistress indicated that there were three parts to the answer and to get the full points you needed to get all the parts right. So we put The SHG (for Rapper's Delight) and also Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five (for The Message) i.e. both artists for both songs. When the answers were read out she included Mel Melle (aka Melvin Glover) as one of the featured artists on the Message. So we dropped the half point for not including it. No extra points for being smart arses and getting the SHG either :( . However when I got home I checked in the Guiness: British Hit Singles and sure enough, it got to #8 in Aug 1982 "The Message" - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five (i.e. no Melle Mel!). Hence we will be requesting a reinstatement of the half point next week. And a fuller explanation is here i.e. Mel Melle was part of the Furious Five at that time with no separate credit on that particular record until the follow up single "Message II (Survival)" early in 1983. Interesting Kid Creole was also part of FF.

Shit, I've just reread the above and realised I've become a Type A. David help! Is there a support group?

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