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Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Train, train go away come again another day...
Looks like the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) is finally got the go ahead to build a station at Stratford. What's more (or worse) is that, "powers will also authorise a twin-track connection between the CTRL and the North London Line (NLL) near St Pancras, for the purposes of running regional services from the CTRL to the West Coast Main Line." This will mean that trains that come down on the the West Coast will take a right turn onto a new wider twin-track NNL. The problem for us is that the NNL goes under Highbury roundabout and then comes out by Corsica Street quite near our flat. So we can expect seven years of trucks, dirt and mess trundling along the end of our road as the extra tunneling is done and then the extra track laid. If it's going to be a surface run rail service it'll be even worse. And then finally we'll have the delight of high speed train noise morning, noon and night. Maybe time to move.

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