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Thursday, February 01, 2001

Being a big fan...
Being a big 'Enders fan natch I love this site http://www.chazbaps.com - thank you PopBitch.
Can't wait for the "4 times a week" that's been promised by the Beeb.

Being a big fan of all things Marc Almond I am naturally getting very excited about seeing Soft Cell on Friday 16th March at Ocean 270 Mare St, Hackney E8

I have a dream running order too.
New song #1
Soul Inside
The Art Of Falling Apart
Where The Heart Is
New song #2
Secret life
Loving You Hating Me
Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart (to please the record company)
Tainted Love (Finale - to please the record company)
New song #3 (1st Encore)
Say Hello Wave Goodbye (2nd Encore)

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