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Thursday, February 01, 2001

My favourite sites at the moment are...
1. Lego Mindstorms. Lego paid MIT to develop the brains behind this marvelous set of bricks back in the 1980. We were bought a big set for Christmas by Ben and Sarah and we've been staying in building robots ever since. First you build the robot. Then you can program it from your PC to walk, throw, catch, climb or race. Oh, and did I mention it can detect heat, light or touch too. Fab.
2. The film Requiem For A Dream has to be one of the most fabulous sites I've seen in a long time. Stay with it till the end.
3. For sheer entertainment value try being rude to Alice. She doesn't really pass the Turing test though.

(you're getting the idea I like lists, aren't you?)

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