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Thursday, February 22, 2001

Queer As F**k...
Last night I went to Andy Ruffett's pad for a screening of the first three episodes of the American version of our beloved Queer As Folk. Andy hadn't been too forthcoming all the details of his address. I had the postcode, the street, a number and a few clues about a jeep but a red herring about curtains. So I donned my deerstalker, polished my largest magnifying glass and set off with large exaggerated strides. As is happens Tabernacle Street is a very long street; and I think I know every bloody inch of it now! I was just about to give up after thirty minutes of fruitless aearching when I bumped into a similarly lost soul (strangely also called Andy) who was also looking for Andy's so we pooled our resources and found the building we were looking for. (We then promptly got lost inside the building but that just shows us up are morons so I won't dwell.)

Andy's flat (I suppose I should call it an apartment really) is a beautiful loft conversion - one of those one big room affairs. Lovely. Andy had laid on a spread and there was more than enough bottled beer to satisfy the nine or ten people who were there. Guy had got the USQAF tapes for a friend in the States and gave us a bit of an introduction. By the time it started we were well disposed to welcome USQAF with open arms. Sadly we didn't embrace it quite as warmly as we had expected. Yes, it was a straight remake (no pun intended) so it hadn't been watered down as had been feared for the US audience. All the action, and there is quite a bit, takes place in Pittsburgh. The time seemed to slip by - three hours later we had watched the three episodes and we were all talking about what we thought. Yes, I thought it was watchable, but only in a same way that it's nice to hear a cover version of a favourite song but all it really does is remind you how good the original was. My main beef is that the men just weren't cute enough. It needed to be sexier - which isn't to say there wasn't sex in it. It's just that you somehow wanted something more. Where the UKQAF was sexy, the USQAF was merely titillating. The UKQAK was trying to be queer, the USQAF was never anything but gay. Fun it have seen it though. And of course I'd happily watch the other nine episodes :)

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