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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Puerto Rico: Day 3…

Yesterday was a day of exploring. Mainly exploring San Juan’s Old Town.  

We had started the day with both Matty and Jim for breakfast but our self-guided exploring of the Old Town was just the three amigos; Stuart, Jim, and me.  

San Juan is of course the capital of Puerto Rico and its historic Old Town founded in 1521 is rather beautiful. 

Spanish Colonial in nature there were castles, a lighthouse, colourful buildings, picturesque squares, statues to the great and the good, fountains, a fabulous white marble sea-edge cemetery,  and much else besides. 

Oh, and there might have been cocktails along the way. 

Later on and back at the hotel we can a swim in the pool, the rest of the guys arrived, and we all went out for food and trip to a local gay place called rather auspiciously El Pergatorio! 

A fun day. 

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